This study investigated whether there was a significant difference between teachers’ and administrators’  perceptions on the importance of Information and Communications  Technologies (ICT) in secondary school administration and evaluated the extent to which it was used by administrators.  In  this  study,  administrators  are  those  involved  in  the  day  to  day  running  of secondary school duties such as: the principal, deputy principal and heads of departments.  The researchers used a descriptive-comparative  research design to obtain information on the current status of ICT.

The t-test was used to establish whether there was any significant difference in perceptions  while  a Pearson  product-moment  correlation  coefficient  was used  to find whether there  was  any  significant  relationship  between  educators’  perceptions  of  the  importance  and extent of ICT use in secondary school administration. Both teachers and administrators rated the use of ICT in secondary school administration as important. Teachers and administrators viewed the use of ICT in student administration as equally important. Administrators rated the importance of using ICT in supervision of instruction and in student administration more highly. There was a significant difference between the perceptions of teachers and administrators  on the importance of ICT use in the following  areas  of secondary  school  administration:    student  administration, general administration and supervision of instruction.